Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand , India


Yamunotri is the origin of the holy river Yamuna and is situated on the Bandar Poonch mountain at an altitude of 3293 meters above sea level. Geographically, Yamuna River originates from Champasar Glacier situated at an altitude of 4421 meters above sea level. This glacier is located at a distance of about 1 km from the holy shrine of Yamunotri, which is quite difficult to reach. The destination is located near the Indo-China border. It takes a day to reach Yamunotri and the route passes through dense forests and uneven roads. Devotees can reach the temple by hired horses and mules. The region is located under the administrative division of Garhwal in the state of Uttarakhand. Yamunotri is one of the four important pilgrimages (known as the Char Dham) for Hindus. The main attraction of this destination is the Yamunotri Temple, dedicated to the Hindu river goddess Yamunotri. Hot water fountains located at Janki Chatti are also included in the main attractions of this area. Surya Kund is considered to be the most important hot water fountain. To prepare the 'prasad', rice and potatoes are cooked by placing them in a muslin cloth and immersed in boiling water from a hot spring. Kharsali is a small village situated near Yamunotri. There are many waterfalls, natural springs, and an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the deity of the Hindus. Near the Yamunotri temple there is a sacred slab of stone called 'Divya Shila' (literally - slab of divine light). Devotees worship the divine rock before going to the Yamunotri temple. On the way to the holy shrine of Yamunotri, many tourists stop for rest in the town of Barkot, which is situated at a distance of 40 km from Dharasu. Apart from beautiful apple orchards, this place is also famous for ancient temples. Also, a popular tourist spot near Yamunotri is Hanuman Chatti, a famous trekking site.

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