Shantikunj Gayatri Parivar

Haridwar, Uttarakhand , India


Located on the route from Haridwar to Rishikesh, Shantikunj is a social service organization and spiritual center run by the Gayatri family. Apart from being a social service organization, Shantikunj is also the headquarter of All India Gayatri Parivar. Shantikunj was established in 1971 by Pandit Shri Ram Acharya of Gayatri family. People associated with the Gayatri family also know Shantikunj as Yugtirth, many activities related to social welfare are organized in Shantikunj. Educational institutions are also maintained in the ashram, no fee is charged for education in these educational institutions. Gayatri Mata Temple, Haritima Devalaya, Hospital and Medical Center, Yagyashala, Gyan Mandir (Book Selling Center), Dev Culture Referral Exhibition, Akhand Deep, Temple of Rishis, Educational Institution, Scientific Spiritual Research Center and Devatma Himalaya Temple in Shantikunj Has happened. Many camps related to spirituality, meditation-yoga and other activities are organized in Shantikunj throughout the year. People from all over the world keep coming to participate in these camps. The distance from Haridwar to Shantikunj is just 7 kms and can be visited at any time of the day to see Shantikunj. No entry fee is charged in the ashram.

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