Santala Devi Temple

Dehradun, Uttarakhand , India


Located at an altitude of 02 kms in Galajwari, about 15 kms from Dehradun Bus Stand (ISBT), the famous devi temple of Dehradun Santala Devi Temple. The temple of Santala Devi is the ancient temple of Dehradun. This temple is also known as Santola Devi or Santula Devi. This temple is best suited for visiting, seeing and spending time in Dehradun and most importantly for religious functions. Santala Devi Temple is the main center of faith of the devotees. Every day hundreds of devotees come here to have darshan of the mother. Saturday has special significance in Santola Devi temple. According to legend, when Santala Devi and her brother realized that they were not capable of fighting the Mughals, they threw down their arms and started praying. Suddenly, a light shone on them both, and they turned into stone idols. Devotees gather in the temple on Saturdays, as it is believed that these days the temple of Santala Devi is converted into a stone idol, that is why it is crowded on Saturdays.

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