Kushavarta Ghat

Haridwar, Uttarakhand , India


By the way, all the ghats in the holy city of Haridwar are special for performing Shradh rituals. But Kushavart Ghat has its own importance. This is the place where Baramasi Shradh is performed. There is a huge crowd in Kanagat these days to perform Shradh here. There is a religious belief about the Kushavart Ghat, located in the heart of Gangadwar, that it is named after a grass called Kusha. According to popular belief, Ganga descended on earth on the strength of Bhagirath's tenacity. After descending on the earth, the Ganges started flowing with the flow. It is believed that the sacred grass called Kusha used to grow in the Kushavart Ghat, which started flowing in the flow of the Ganges. It is believed that on this Lord Dattatreya did penance at this place, on which Ganga Maiya did not allow Kusha to be uprooted. For this reason, Kushavart Ghat is also called the penance place of Lord Dattatreya. Shri Narayani Shila and Kushavart Ghat in Haridwar are considered special for Shradh. In Shree Narayani Shila, rituals are performed only for the ancestors, whereas in Kushavarta Ghat both rituals and deity activities take place for the ancestors. Monthly, Shatmasi, annual Shraddha also take place here throughout the year and during Pitru Paksha, a large number of people perform Shraddha for ancestors here. On the new moon of every month, tarpan and upadaan are done here for the ancestors. Although people from all corners of the country come to Kushavart Ghat to perform Shradh rituals, especially people of Pauri district of Garhwal perform Shradh rituals here. Pandit Virendra Kirtipal of Kushavart Ghat says that most people come to Kushavart Ghat to get the rituals done for the ancestors.

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