Char Dukan

Dehradun, Uttarakhand , India


Char Dukan and Landour are friendly, one can not do without the other. Firstly four shops were set up in a row for coffee and snacks hence the name. With further than a century of serving succulent food behind them, they've retained their original character and are still going strong. Char Dukan is the coolest hangout in the whole of Mussoorie, so much so that people say if you have n’t visited Char Dukan, you have actually not seen the real Mussoorie. Walk up from Picture Palace via Ruskin Bond’s hearthstone and reach Char Dukan empty and tired for it's quite an emphatic walk. But once you reach Char Dukan and attack your grub, you'll feel it was worth the rise. ‘Anil’s Café ’ and ‘ Tip Top Tea Shop ’ are two main cafes with relatively analogous menus. Still, both have their own pious clientele. Their menu lets you feast on colorful kinds of parathas, sandwiches, burgers, pakoras, French feasts etc, the list is long. But what they're basically known for are their fabulous bun omelets which are veritably inelegant, and Masala Maggie. The pancakes and hotcakes with honey and maple syrup are more recent additions. Apple cinnamon waffles with ice- cream are to die for and so are their shakes, especially Oreo shake. For tea suckers, Char Dukan is heavenly as they've all kinds of tea, from masala tea to cinnamon and honey ginger.However, soon a youthful boy from the shop will jump through, take your order and serve you happily, If you decide to sit in the small demesne contrary Tip Top Shop under an old Walnut tree. This is the kind of service bone can not find in any fancy place. At Anil’s Café, ask for Mathew Wai Wai. It's off the menu, named after one of the Woodstock scholars who told them how to prepare Wai Wai for him. It's Wai Wai poles made in typical Maggi style with fried egg on top of it. Egg lovers will lap it up for sure. You can indeed buy ice- cream, chocolates, confectionery etc then. They keep guide books on Landour as well.

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