Asan Barrage

Dehradun, Uttarakhand , India


Asan Barrage is 287.5 meters long, and 389.4 meters above sea level with minimum and maximum water level is about 402.4 meters high. Asan Barrage is located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. The barrage is a tourist destination for tourists coming from the surrounding areas as well as from other parts of India. The barrage acts as a reservoir for power generation. The barrage is well connected with Dehradun city at a distance of 2 hours. Many types of birds are also seen in the barrage, this place is quite beautiful for bird lovers. People come here to see the variety of birds. These birds move from one place to another every year according to the season. The place has become a paradise for bird lovers, and has always been listed as a bird spot in the Bird Festival. Thousands of bird watchers reached here to see the range of birds. This place was the main attraction among other places. More than 250 bird species including 80 water birds are found in Asan Barrage. Some of the important species are Brahminy Duck, Dabbling Duck, Ruddly Shelduck, Diving Duck. Bird; There are herons, storks, egrets, ibis geese, which can be seen during the winter season (November to February).

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