Visit the Taj Mahotsav to experience India's wonderful culture and heritage

Posted by Team on: Jan 7, 2023

You should include Agra in your trip plans for this February since the Taj Mahotsav, one of India's largest and most opulent cultural festivals, will be held there from February 18–27. The 10-day cultural festival is held in Shilpgram, next to the Taj Mahal's Eastern Gate.

The Taj Mahotsav honours the diverse arts, crafts, cuisines, music, dance, and culture of India. The festival's efforts are noteworthy, even though 10 days isn't really long enough to truly appreciate India's rich cultural legacy. The Taj Mahotsav Committee, located in Agra, organises the Taj Mahotsav.

What to anticipate

The event is an excellent chance to view the magnificent creations of India's renowned artists. At the festival, hundreds of well-known craftsmen from all around India exhibit their creations. The majority of these pieces of art are local specialties. For instance, zardozi and marble work from Uttar Pradesh, bamboo and cane work from the North East, and carpets and shawls from Kashmir.

The festival is a terrific place for followers of dance and music to see both folk and classical dance and music acts. A variety of dances from all throughout India will be on display. The long-forgotten dancing styles will also be performed for festival goers. That would be very enjoyable!

You may sample delicious foods from all over India at the Taj Mahotsav. Some of the top local performers can instantly transport you back in time. You see, people often react that way to good cuisine. Find everything here, from common chaat to extinct foods.