Visit Netarhat, a new ecotourism destination in Jharkhand

Posted by Team on: Dec 20, 2022

In the Jharkhand province's Latehar district, Netarhat is a picturesque hill town around 157 kilometres from Ranchi. For those who enjoy the outdoors, Netarhat is a terrific offbeat location. It is known for its magnificent waterfalls, lush hills, and greenery.

These unusual locations are still hidden from the rest of the nation and the rest of the globe due to a lack of adequate infrastructure. This is about to change since Netarhat's cultural and ecotourism scene will be developed by the state government.

According to insiders, several projects are in progress. One of the main components of this programme will be homestays. Homestays in Netarhat, which is primarily a tribal area, give tourists the amazing opportunity to interact with the tribes and learn about their exquisite culture and traditions. A number of young people have also received training in food and hospitality.

Netarhat is the ideal location for individuals who enjoy travelling on less-traveled paths. You must travel through extensive forested areas to get to Netarhat, where you may fully enjoy being in nature. Already sounds like a fantastic adventure vacation!

Along with the natural attractions, your schedule while visiting Netarhat should also include stops at Koyal Viewpoint and Magnolia Point for sunrise and sunset views. You should bookmark the Lower Ghaghri and Upper Ghaghri waterfalls, Lodh Fall (Jharkhand's highest waterfall), and Netarhat Dam straight away. Visits should be made to a location with such a rich natural beauty and cultural legacy.