The situation is normal in Haldwani; Additional Central Forces Dispatched, Confirm Authorities

Posted by Team on: Feb 13, 2024

Nainital's Senior Superintendent of Police, Prahlad Meena, assured that essential supplies are being delivered to residents affected by the curfew. Additionally, plans are in place to offer further assistance to the community shortly.

Meena mentioned that extra units of central paramilitary forces have been stationed at sensitive spots in Banbhoolpura. Following the lifting of the curfew in most parts of Haldwani except Banbhoolpura on Sunday, officials have streamlined essential services. 


The Banbhoolpura Primary Health Centre and local medical stores have reopened, and gas cylinders are being provided to residents. A P Vajpayee, the general manager of Kumaon Mandal Development Corporation, stated that gas cylinders are also being distributed in other curfew-affected areas like Kidwai Nagar, Indira Nagar, and Nai Basti. 


Moreover, the administration is facilitating the delivery of vegetables, milk, and other necessities through vendors. Additionally, more units of central paramilitary forces have been deployed at crucial locations, supplementing the over 1,000 soldiers already present in the area.

Thirty individuals have been arrested by the police on allegations of provoking violence during the demolition of an illegal madrasa and prayer area on February 8. Authorities are conducting raids in various areas to apprehend others involved. According to officials, six individuals involved in the riots lost their lives, while 60 sustained injuries during the violence on February 8.