The J&K Tourism Department is anticipated to introduce two more popular tourist destinations this winter

Posted by Team on: Dec 13, 2022

According to recent developments, as winter approaches, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department intends to place two additional important tourist sites on par with Pahalgam and Gulmarg ski resort. This action aims to draw more visitors to the area.

The union territory welcomed 1.62 crore tourists in the first nine months of the year, which was the most in any year during the previous several decades, as was previously reported. Fazl-ul-Haseeb, director of tourism, said that in light of this, extra plans had also been made to handle the season's high demand.

In order to draw visitors from all across the nation to the Kashmir Valley this month, he continued, they are also preparing to move on with two to three roadshows and the Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF). Additionally, he mentioned that this winter, the tourist department intends to add two scenic locations for the first time to the existing list of major attractions.

In order to draw more visitors to the Valley, the director stated that events would be held in cooperation with youth services and sports. According to reports, these two new locations will host the winter carnival, ice city, and other related events this winter in addition to Pahalgam and Gulmarg.

Additionally, sources stated that if the other two locations stay open this winter, it will increase tourism in the Valley. As a result, the hotel industry shares the government's optimism that the valley will experience high levels of tourism this winter, and several of them have already announced rate cuts in an effort to draw visitors from beyond the valley.