The current Flamingo Festival in Andhra Pradesh lets you enjoy the best of nature

Posted by Team on: Jan 4, 2023

The ongoing Flamingo Festival (January 3–5, 2023) has transformed a number of Andhra Pradesh sites into some of the best places to see wildlife. There are currently a tonne of tourists and birds in places like Pulicat Lake (on the side of Andhra Pradesh), Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Sullurpeta, Atikanithippa, and BV Palem.

The annual Flamingo Festival honours the thousands of birds that migrate to the Indian subcontinent each year during the winter. They reproduce, eat, and build their nests throughout this time. For a few months, they make the coastlines and woods of India their safe haven.

Birdwatchers go from all over the world, including India, just to see these beautiful birds with wings. Most of these birds travel long distances to breed, from Siberia and the Himalayan highlands among others.

The Flamingo Festival is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy exciting activities put on by the local communities while also getting closer to nature. The festival site at Sullurpeta will have a number of exhibition stalls with intriguing objects and opportunities for engagement with the departments of Forestry and Animal Husbandry.

A large portion of the attendance during festivals held at locations like the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is younger and in school. As the name suggests, flamingos are the main draw at these festival locations, but people are also drawn in by pelicans, storks, and other waders in addition to these long-legged feathered beauties. These lovely birds inhabit the trees and vantage points that surround the wetlands and lakes.

Programs like bird photography competitions and environmental education and awareness campaigns will also be part of the festival.

How to get there

The Tirupati district is where the majority of the festival sites are found. Tirupati Airport is the closest airport. The closest and largest city is Nellore, which is also the most convenient railway junction (40 km approximately).