The annual Bikaner Camel Festival will be held in Bikaner, details are available here

Posted by Team on: Dec 6, 2022

The annual Bikaner Camel Festival will take place in the city of Bikaner on January 11 and 12, 2023. The celebration honours camels, which are essential to surviving in the inhospitable Thar desert. The Rajasthani government's Department of Tourism is responsible for organising the yearly festival.

The two-day event is grandly observed with all the fanfare. The festival draws thousands of local and foreign visitors each year. We already know that camels are crucial to the festivities. The festival encourages the breeding, domestication, and training of these magnificent creatures.

The celebration always kicks out with a large procession of camels decked out in vibrant costumes and traditional jewellery like anklets and necklaces. The Dr. Karni Singh Stadium, the primary festival location, is where the colourful procession culminates after leaving Junagarh Fort. See the parade if you can.

Contests including the camel pageant, one of the most anticipated contests, camel milking, best shearing, and dancing are scheduled for the festival's first day. It is safe to state that the competition of camel dancers is another extremely well-liked festival activity. The anklets on the camels are trained to ring in time with the music. It's time for some cultural performances by Rajasthani folk performers after the camels have finished their performances.

People generally have the most fun on the second or last day of the festival. There are a number of competitions in which both residents and tourists can participate. There are tug-of-war, water-pot races, turban-tying, traditional wrestling, and kabaddi matches, among other contests. A fireworks show marks the festival's conclusion.