Switzerland establishes a record for running the longest passenger train in the world

Posted by Team on: Nov 4, 2022

In a feat, Switzerland has created a world record by operating the longest passenger train on the planet! The world’s longest electric passenger train is designed to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the country’s first train system. The longest passenger train, it ran in the Swiss Alps with 100 coaches!

Highlights of the world’s longest train:
1) The Swiss transport company, Rhaetian Railway (RhB), operated the train on the Bernina/Albula trail from Preda to Bergen. 

2) The length of the train is 1.9 km! 

3) There are 100 contemporary and 25 four-car Capricorn EMUs.

4) During its journey, the train crossed 22 tunnels and 48 bridges.

5) Switzerland’s Albula Line is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

6) The train weighed a massive 2990 tons.

The longest train ran through the UNESCO World Heritage Site for 24.9 km. As per International Rail Journal, the RhB took nearly eight months for the preparation of this gala spectacle. Weighing a colossal 2990 tons, the train managed to maintain an average speed of 30-35 km per hour.

On the day of inauguration, thousands of spectators gathered at the festival organised in the valley. The historical moment was captured by the people present there. The journey began from Preda at 2:20 PM and reached Landwasser Viaduct exactly at 3:30 PM.

Director of the Rhaetian Railway, Renato Fasciati, said that it was a very happy moment for them and that they were overjoyed to set the world record.