Strange journeys: This woman made the longest food delivery in history by travelling from Singapore to Antarctica!

Posted by Team on: Nov 24, 2022

One of the comforts we now enjoy since the rise of the internet is having food delivered right to our home. However, can you picture receiving meal delivery from an other continent? No, not even in your wildest dreams!

In truth, a woman did just that. She uploaded a video to Instagram, detailing her voyage delivering food from Singapore to a remote area of Antarctica. She had to travel over 30,000 kilometres across four continents to fulfil the order.

Maanasa Gopal, a native of Chennai who recently shared the video, is the woman who undertook this incredible voyage. The video has received more than 37,000 views.

She noted in her journal that she first visited Hamburg, Germany, before continuing on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After that, she flew to Antarctica from the town of Ushuaia. When delivering the order, she must traverse a variety of terrains and walk through mud and snow, as can be seen in her video on the clips.

She also mentioned how her trip had been carbon-neutral thanks to green partners. The video has drawn a lot of interest from internet users, who are mostly asking the most important question of all: "What was delivered tho?" Many people, however, were touched by her entire effort and eager to learn more about this beautiful adventure.