Return of the Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival!

Posted by Team on: Nov 11, 2022

Are you trying to decide why you should go to Shillong? Perhaps you're looking for inspiration to book a vacation to Shillong? Look no further because Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 is what we have for you. It's a wonderful one, in fact.

Due to the epidemic, the yearly Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 was postponed in 2020 and very slowly resumed in 2021. But the festival plans to make a big comeback this year. It will last for four days this year, from November 23 to November 26. You should absolutely visit Shillong prior to these festival dates because the Shillong Literary Festival takes place from November 21 to 23. Plan a week-long trip to Shillong now!

21–23 November. Plan a week-long trip to Shillong now! We need to work on that if the word "cherry blossoms" makes you think of Japan. Why consider the sakura of Japan when we have Shillong? Shillong itself transforms into a charming city with pinkish-white blooms all over!

Although lesser activities are held throughout the city, Polo Ground is often the site of the Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival. A venue for the festival is Ward's Lake. The lake is lovely all year round, but right now it appears especially lovely in soft pastel pink. 

The Shillong Golf Course, often known as Golflink, is not far from Polo Ground, the primary festival location. From the taxi stand, stroll across to the golf course. We can assure you that the stroll will be beautiful because it is lined with pine trees and cherry blossoms. The distance between the various venues is short.

You can go to the event in under INR 20 by hailing a local taxi transporting locals instead of making a reservation. Local Maruti-800 black-yellow cabs are widely available. They can get to any part of Shillong.

What can visitors in Shillong anticipate from the Cherry Blossom Festival?

You may anticipate from the festival food, local wine, amazing music, and an even better vibe. It's a terrific opportunity to engage with locals and learn about their culture.

Did we mention music earlier? The festival will indeed be fantastic this year. Just take a look at the festival's lineup of artists: HRVY, Lou Majaw, Papon, Nikhil Chinappa, Hybrid Theory, and Jonas Blue. And these are just a few of the outstanding local, national, and international performers who will appear at the festival. It's going to be a cool one, this one.

Visitors must buy separate tickets for each day of the festival. The price of a General Admission (GA) ticket is INR 899; a VIP ticket is INR 5000.