Rail travel time will be reduced, Delhi to Chandigarh three and Amritsar private train will arrive in five and a half hours

Now by rail journey you will be able to reach your destination in a short time. This will be possible through private trains. With the journey being comfortable in these trains, the journey will be completed in a short time. With this, the Modi government's dream of landing high speed trains on the track seems to be coming true. In the 109 routes on which private public partnership (PPP mode) has been decided to run trains, Haryana and Punjab will also have 14 trains. The special thing is that the journey from New Delhi to Chandigarh will be reduced to just 3 hours, while the journey from New Delhi to Amritsar will be five and a half hours.

14 trains to Haryana-Punjab account, will connect North India to Nagpur in Maharashtra

Currently, the journey from New Delhi to Chandigarh is 4 hours 10 minutes, while the journey from New Delhi to Amritsar is 6:20 minutes. Of these 14 trains, 12 trains will run daily, while the other two trains will run up and down three or three days a week. The speed of these trains will be 160 kilometers per hour. Trains running from Haryana and Punjab will travel not only to North India but also to Nagpur in Maharashtra.

Two trains will run from Delhi to Amritsar and four to Chandigarh.

The railway has allotted a tender of Rs.30 thousand crore, in which private companies will participate. 14 trains will come to Haryana and Punjab. Two trains will run between New Delhi to Amritsar. This journey of 432 kilometers will be completed in 5 hours and 35 minutes by trains. Similarly, it has been decided to run four trains between New Delhi and Chandigarh in the up down. The train will travel in just three hours on this 266 km route.

Two trains will offer Maa Vaishno Devi

Two trains for Vaishno Devi are included in the derailed trains on PPP mode. Though these trains will arrive from Lucknow, but will run daily through Haryana and Punjab. The situation has not been decided about which stations will stop these trains.

Similarly, the schedule of trains between Amritsar to Faizabad, Varanasi to Baxthda and Nagpur to Chandigarh has been fixed. Trains from Amritsar to Faizabad will run on Wednesday, Sunday and Friday, while Faizabad to Amritsar will run on Thursday, Monday and Saturday.

The company will also take care of catering

The responsibility of catering in these trains will be with the company itself, but in this the railway will monitor at its own level. In the video conference about these trains, information has been sought from the authorities on some points

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