Paris goes under limited lockdown for a month

Paris will remain under limited lockdown for a month! As per the latest news reports, French Prime Minister Jean Castex recently announced a limited month-long lockdown for Paris, also as several other regions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cases.

As per the news reports, although non-essential businesses will remain closed and movement outside is going to be limited within the affected regions, outdoor exercise is going to be allowed up to 10 km from home and schools will stay open.

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While talking to the media, the Prime Minister said, "We are adopting the 3rd way, how that ought to allow braking (of the epidemic) without locking (people) up." He further added that the said measures are taken in sight of rising COVID-19 cases, which as per records, stated that around 1200 people are in medical care within the Paris region alone.

He emphasized that those from the affected regions won't be allowed to leave, apart from essential business, said Castex. He mentioned that although this won't be not excellent news for those living in those regions, restrictions imposed on this point are going to be less severe. He assured that the confinement measures won't be a repeat of these that they imposed in March when the COVID pandemic hit the country.

Further, while a curfew has been in situ nationwide, also will be relaxed everywhere in France. As such, now the curfew will end at 7 PM instead of 6 PM.

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