No COVID curbs in Goa until January 2 as the state prepares for the holiday season

Posted by Team on: Dec 26, 2022

Up to January 2, 2023, Goa won't impose any COVID-19-related limitations. After presiding over a high-level meeting, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant indicated that authorities would assess the situation on January 3. He further stated that individuals ought to deliberately adopt COVID-19-compliant behaviour.

The Chief Minister further said that the state will respond in accordance with the Centre's directives and that a mock drill will be held on December 27 to assess how prepared they are to deal with any potential Coronavirus epidemic.

According to Sawant, the relevant authorities have already begun randomly inspecting foreign travellers arriving in the coastal state. 2% of foreign travellers arriving in the state, if reports are to be believed, are subjected to testing.

Goa has appealed to the public not to panic but to make sure they take the required precautions as it prepares to celebrate the New Year amid an increase in COVID-19 infections in several nations.

The Center has also requested that the necessary infrastructure be put in place by the states by December 27 and that passengers arriving on international planes be randomly tested.

The Chief Minister stated that his administration has encouraged the Center to supply COVID-19 booster pills. If travel patterns are any indication, Goa will receive a sizable number of tourists for the New Year celebrations, hence the state has urged citizens to make sure they wear masks to prevent becoming sick if the virus spreads in the state.