MP Tourism to develop 15 new sites for water-based projects

Posted by Team on: Dec 4, 2022

To encourage water-based tourism in the state, Madhya Pradesh has launched the two-month long mega event, Jal Mahotsav, on Hanuwantiya Island.

According to the most recent sources, the state tourism authority is eager to develop more similar projects that will provide tourists with the same experiences as Jal Mahotsav because of its popularity and prospective benefits for investors and visitors.

Sheo Shekhar Shukla, the managing director of the MP Tourism Board and principal secretary of the tourism and culture department, stated that 15 such sites have been identified across the state and that work will begin there soon.

He noted that this development will aid in generating similar experiences in the state on a significant scale, speaking at a news conference held a day before the 7th Edition of Jal Mahotsav was officially inaugurated. He said that other islands close to Indira Sagar Lake would likely be transformed into tourist sites as well, similar to Hanuwantiya Island.

According to reports, these 15 projects will be developed along similar lines and will provide tourists with a variety of experiences, including nature-based excursions, adventurous activities, cultural and historical exhibits, and much more. According to reports, the PPP model would also lead to the development of tent cities, and travellers would have access to a variety of activities that are normally tailored to that region.

Currently, the Tent City at Hanuwantiya island on the backwaters of Indira Sagar Dam is being run by the Madhya Tourism Board in partnership with Sunset Desert Camp for tourists. It has 104 luxurious Swiss tents as well as an AC conference hall for business conferences, and visitors can visit it while the Jal Mahotsav is still going on.

Shukla referred to Hanuwantiya as the "Goa of Madhya Pradesh" and continued, "Jal Mahotsav has established itself as a hotspot for adventure seekers across the globe and is now a globally acknowledged festival."