More then 700 passengers Airlines Have Banned for Not Wearing Masks

For months now, airlines have said that as travel began to slowly tick upward, they might heavily enforce the rule that each one passenger must wear a mask on board for the duration of the flight.

They weren’t kidding.

More than 700 passengers are banned from flying U.S. domestic carriers since the mandate went into effect, consistent with a story within the l. a. Times.

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It’s the airlines’ version of ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.’

Not surprisingly, Delta Air Lines has led the way. The Atlanta-based carrier has been more adamant, and more vocal, about passengers wearing face masks. As a result, Delta leads all carriers having placed 270 passengers on its “no-fly” list, followed by United Airlines, with 150; Spirit Airlines, 128; Frontier Airlines, 106; Alaska Airlines, 78; and Hawaiian Airlines, six.

American and Southwest declined to confide in the days what percentage passengers they need to be banned.

“We expect our customers to suits our policies once they prefer to travel with us, and that we take action when that's not the case,” American Airlines spokesman Curtis Blessing told the newspaper.

Airline representatives also said they didn't share the names of these passengers they need to be banned with other carriers, meaning a passenger banned on one airline could ostensibly fly with another.

Airlines cannot monetarily fine violators because there's no federal regulation in situ requiring passengers to wear face masks, leaving it up to every individual carrier. Sara Nelson, president of the Assn. of Flight Attendants-CWA, which represents nearly 50,000 flight attendants at 19 airlines, is one among many stakeholders within the industry posing for a federal mandate.

“Flight attendants need a federal mandate, then do lawmakers,” she said. “Just like anyone smoking on a plane faces federal charges and fines, so too should people understand the intense consequences of putting the health of others in danger by refusing to wear a mask.”

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