Launch of the e-ILP platform by Arunachal Pradesh would aid in tourist travel

Posted by Team on: Nov 22, 2022

To promote tourist travel, Arunachal Pradesh has recently launched a webpage for the issuance of e-Inner Line Permits (eILP). According to sources, the most recent construction will guarantee tourists a speedier, more practical, and smoother admission into the state.

Because Arunachal falls under the Inner Permit Regime, which is governed by the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873, visitors must get an ILP before travelling to the state. Currently, if stories are to be believed, the state's IT department has built the e-ILP webpage specifically for tourists.

The Chief Minister Pema Khandu continued on Twitter, saying, "The eILP launched today is a tremendous step to serve exclusively the tourists and smooth their admission into the state. It will simplify the ILP application procedure. For tourists using eILP, there would be no waiting period. Application and approval procedures are made simpler.

The Chief Minister further said that police officers would use and verify ID card-based registrations with mobile OTP-based self-verification and digitally issued ILP based on QR Codes at checkpoints using specifically developed mobile-based applications. He continued by saying that it would speed up tourist mobility.

The most remote state in India, Arunachal Pradesh, is also the first place in that country to witness the sun rise. This stunning area, which borders Burma (Myanmar), China, and Bhutan, is situated on the northeastern tip of India and is a treat for travellers who are eager to visit the region.