Kevadia gets registered as India’s first green railhead; new trains to Statue of Unity

Gujarat's Kevadiya railway station is India's first railway station with a green building certification. A welcome change, the station features several notable features that make it fit for the certification.

The key features of the Kevadiya railway station are given below:

  •  The station has been registered with the Indian Green Building Council for being India’s first station to be Green Building certified.
  •  LED lights and other star-rated, branded electrical appliances to conserve electricity are installed at the station.
  •  Facilities are installed for water management through rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant, eco-waterless urinals, and drip irrigation.
  •  Passenger facilities like air-conditioned waiting rooms and a VVIP lounge are made at the primary two levels of the station.
  •  At level three of the station, a viewing gallery has been made, which might enable visitors to ascertain the Statue of Unity.
  •  there's also a tribal gallery at the station.
  •  The station area features a spacious parking zone, landscaping, solar light poles, food courts, wide traffic way, horticulture plants, thematic park with selfie zone, and children’s play area.

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It adds to the very fact that the world-famous Statue of Unity in India possesses all the more accessible to tourists now. PM Narendra Modi recently showed the green signal to eight new trains to Gujarat’s Kevadiya to attach the Statue of Unity with other parts of India.

The PM also inaugurated the 32 km long new broad gauge line from Chandod to Kevadiya, 18 km long railroad track transformed line from Dabhoi to Chandod, 80 km long newly electrified Pratapnagar – Kevadiya section, the new station buildings of Dabhoi Junction, Chandod and Kevadiya via video conferencing.

The name trains connecting Kevadiya to the remainder of India are given below:

  •  Train Number 02927/28 Dadar-Kevadiya Express (Daily) – Dadar to Kevadiya
  •  Train Number 09247/48 Janshatabdi Express (Daily) – Ahmedabad to Kevadiya
  •  Train Number 09103/04 Mahamana Express (Weekly) – Kevadiya to Varanasi
  •  Train Number 09145/46 Nizamuddin – KevadiyaSamparkKranti Express (Bi-Weekly) – Kevadiya to H. Nizamuddin
  •  Train Number 09119/20 Chennai – Kevadiya Express (Weekly) – Chennai to Kevadiya
  •  Train Number 09105/06 Kevadiya – Rewa Express (Weekly) – Kevadiya to Rewa
  •  Train Number 09107/08 MEMU train (Daily) – Pratapnagar to Kevadiya
  •  Train Number 09113/14 MEMU train (Daily) – Pratapnagar to Kevadiya
  •  Train Number 09110/09 MEMU train (Daily) – Kevadiya to Pratapnagar
  •  Train Number 09249/50 Janshatabdi Express (Daily) from Ahmedabad to Kevadiya

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