Kerala Tourism prioritizes"ethical tourism" to improve villagers' quality of life

Posted by Team on: Nov 11, 2022

Positive about the rising number of visitors, Kerala Tourism is concentrating on domestic visitors and intends to increase "responsible or sustainable tourism" in the state to spur growth. "We are now concentrating on domestic tourists, who increased from 45 lakh during the same period in 2021 to 1.33 crore between January to September 2022. 

After the Delta wave passed and normalcy resumed in August of last year, the increase in tourism activities started to increase and gained speed this year "According to Sajeeh N of Kerala Tourism, PTI. He stated that Kerala is anticipating a significant increase in domestic travel during the final three months of this year. 

"We are excited to promote Kerala's winter vacation season even more in order to draw domestic tourists. A variety of programs, including festivals, houseboat stays, camping trips, Ayurveda-based wellness options, and adventure sports, among others, have been planned "Added he.

The Kerala government had six months ago instructed all panchayats in the state to develop one tourism product or offering that will help in enhancing the livelihood of locals and villages in order to make the tourism sector inclusive and generate income, he said.

"Additionally, we want to promote ethical and environmentally friendly travel, encouraging people to live simply and to appreciate nature. The government is providing training to locals so they can enhance their standard of living "he observed

According to him, there are many inquiries from people who wish to live in villages, work in farms, and experience rural life firsthand. Kerala Tourism is concentrating on growing this market segment going forward.

Sajeesh responded that once flights restarted, there was a rise in the number of foreign visitors arriving in the state, which in the first nine months of this year witnessed 2.06 lakh visitors compared to 29,412 during the same period last year.

However, he warned, the rise is probably going to be modest because foreign chartered flights haven't yet started up again in the state. According to him, Russia is the state's top foreign source market, followed by the Maldives, the US, Oman, and the UK.