If you want to visit the famous Yosemite national park, so no reservation needed

The famous Yosemite national park in the US has put an end to its long reservation system. From now on, visitors would be allowed to enter the park with no pre-required paperwork. The reservation system was there to manage traffic flow during the COVID-19, but now that the items are gradually returning to normal, the system has been abolished.

According to the Park Service (NPS) officials, "This helped reduce overcrowding at the park's hottest destinations. The park aimed to extend public access while providing visitors with an inexpensive opportunity to suits health guidelines."

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The reservation system was introduced last year to place a cap on the number of cars that would get inside the national park at a time. Though visitors don't need any reservations, they're still requested to follow all the security precautions when visiting the park. From maintaining social distance and wearing a mask, everything is in situ.

However, for camping purposes, visitors still need advance registration if they intend on staying overnight inside the park. All trails are open so people can once more enjoy hiking. Some regions just like the park's visitor center and bookstore also are functioning with reduced service at this point.

But, as of now, there's no shuttle service within the Yosemite Valley. Also, attractions like the Yosemite Museum, Theater, and Mountain Room Restaurant are shut temporarily. Yosemite park in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains is renowned for its humongous, ancient sequoia trees, the long-lasting Bridalveil Fall, and El Capitan cliffs.

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