Greece to reopen ancient sites to restart tourism despite Covid-19 surge

Many ancient sites including the Acropolis in Athens will reopen in Greece today and natives are going to be provided free weekly rapid coronavirus tests. this is often being done because the country gets able to restart the tourism.

Greece’s government announced plans Friday to reopen the Acropolis in Athens and other ancient sites nationwide and supply free weekly rapid tests for Covid-19 for all the country's residents because it prepares to restart the tourism season in mid-May.

The measures were announced despite an ongoing surge in daily infections to twenty .9 per 100,000 residents, as a seven-day rolling average, with private hospital space getting used by the state-run health service to deal with treatment demand.

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Starting Saturday, a weekend curfew is going to be relaxed. it'll be followed on Monday by a series of other measures including a limited opening of barbershops and hair salons, and ancient sites for people on brief outings. Museums will remain closed.

“What we are talking about are pressure-release valves. this is often to assist people suits restrictions that are in effect for such an extended time,” said Akis Skertsos, a deputy minister for state coordination.

The reopening of ancient sites was announced despite strong reservations from an association of state employees at ancient sites which warned that “procedures required for secure safety protocols haven't been completed” but didn't give further details.

Free tests are going to be made available to all or any residents of Greece with a Social Security number before the top of the month, officials said. Medical, nursing and administrative staff at public hospitals who haven't yet been vaccinated will receive mandatory rapid tests twice weekly, consistent with a Health Ministry order, effective immediately.

The government says that despite the present surge, it expects hospitable tourism, a key driver of the economy, in mid-May.

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