Get ready for the largest Carnatic music festival, the Chennai Music Season

Posted by Team on: Dec 9, 2022

This month, you can take part in the Chennai Music Season (formerly known as Madras Music Season) if you live in or intend to visit Chennai. It is one of the oldest cultural festivals in India and the largest Carnatic music festival in the area. In 1927, the first music festival was established.

This year's festival, which will feature both professional and amateur Carnatic performers, will take place in Chennai from December 15, 2022, to January 1, 2023. If you enjoy Carnatic music, the festival is a fantastic venue to catch these concerts by well-known musicians since you don't get to see them very often these days. 

Several new artists are expected to get a chance to show the world their skill. A fantastic approach to draw visitors to Chennai is through the Chennai Music Season. Chennai is much more pleasant in December than it is the rest of the year, making it simpler to tour the city without the heat.

What makes the Chennai Music Season such a significant and popular event?

Did you know that the festival used to include just Carnatic music for decades? But in time, that changed. One may now watch vibrant dances and plays from the region as well as from other parts of the country in addition to the Carnatic musical performances.