Get ready for Kerala's first international indie music festival

Posted by Team on: Nov 8, 2022

Come November 9-13, Kerala will be hosting its first ever international indie music festival at the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village, Kovalam. This five-day festival is a good reason to pack your bags for Kerala. And do it fast!  The International Indie Music Festival is a first of its kind, not only in Kerala but also in India. This indie music festival will also mark the beginning of the annual music festival in Kerala. 

The Kerala Arts and Crafts Village is going to be busy this time around because a total of 21 music bands from India and abroad will be participating in this festival. The festival will see seven international bands and singers – Will Johns and Sami Chohfi from UK, Lyia Meta from Malaysia, Anslom from Papua New Guinea, Rudra from Singapore and Roc Flowers from /italy. 

The 14 Indian bands and singers are – Mumbai’s Sherise, RCliff, When Chai Met Toast, Harish Sivaramakrishnan’s Agam, Skreen 6, Sithara Krishnakumar’s Project Malabaricus, Oorali, Job Kurian, Chaos, Lazie J, Chandana Rajesh, Thamarassery Churam, Inner Sanctum and Devan Ekambaram. 

To have music as a way to boost tourism in the state, sounds like a very fun and interesting thing to look forward to. Especially when it is a genre like indie. We can’t say that the culture of indie music, short for independent music, is new in India. That’s because we do have many creative indie musicians making big names for themselves in the field.

However, it is in its infancy stage in India.  A festival like this is definitely a start for something. And we are so excited about getting to see some really creative musicians through this festival. Will definitely travel for music.