From today, you can travel anywhere inside the state by bus

After the directive issued by the government, operations will start from today

- Bus owners and drivers have to follow the rules

Jagran Correspondent, Dumka: The silence in the bus stands broke 163 days later today due to the lockdown by the central and state government on March 22 due to Corona's havoc. According to the guideline issued by the government, bus operations have been allowed inside the state from today. Buses from other states are not allowed to enter the state by the state government at present.

After which the bus started arriving at Atal Bihari Vajpayee bus stop by late evening on Monday. At the same time, preparations were made for the operation of the bus association. The bus owners interacted with each other to strengthen the operations and follow the guidelines issued by the government. The bus owners asked their drivers and assistants to prepare for the train, instructing them to sanitize the vehicles and follow the government rules.

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Two seat fare from one passenger

Dumka Bus Association President Sanjay Chaudhary said that only one passenger will be seated on one seat. Two seat fare will be charged from the passenger. The SOP (Standing Procedure) of the government will be followed in letter and spirit. Every passenger's name, address and mobile number will be entered on the register before giving tickets. Before giving the ticket, it will be asked whether he has got Kovid examined.

If it is made and the report is negative, then it will be allowed to travel. Passengers whose reports have not arrived will not be allowed to travel. Every passenger is required to wear a mask. The bus operators have made mutual coordination that no passenger will be allowed to sit in the bus without a mask. The arm will be sanitized before boarding the bus.

It will be arranged. The bus will be completely sanitized before it opens from the bus stop. The bus will also have a sanitizer. No passengers other than the driver will sit in the cabin. Conductors will be fitted with face shield, it will try its best not to break the standard.

The lockdown was imposed on 22 March

The lockdown was imposed by the central and state governments on March 22, seeing the havoc of Corona. After which public transport was completely banned. Since which the lockdown has been continuously extended from time to time. At the same time, even after unlocking started, the bus operation was not allowed by the government.

By giving the SOP of the government to the bus association, the administration has been instructed to follow it literally. A surprise inspection will also be done from time to time regarding SOP compliance.

Shailendra Razak, DTO. As per the order of the Deputy Commissioner, guidelines are being issued to all BDOs and thanedars. Which will be sure that SOP is strictly followed.

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