France to impose border checks to stop its citizens from skiing in Switzerland

France has decided to impose random border checks to stop holidaymakers from skiing in Switzerland, a neighboring country. The French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Wednesday. France, a bit like Germany and Italy, is closing its Christmas ski destinations to place a cap on the Coronavirus spread within the country.

However, in Switzerland, the vacation season has already begun, and therefore the refore the country is entertaining skiers at Christmas and New Years'. For Switzerland, this is often an important time to spice up their economy.

The French PM said it had been his duty to guard his countrymen from the virus. He further asserted, "The conclusion you would like to form is that 'I'm not getting to Switzerland.” If an individual is found breaking the rule, he/she will need to face mandatory quarantine on their return.

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Given the COVID-19 second and third waves, several European Union leaders try to coordinate plans before the Christmas holidays. But Switzerland, which isn't EU’s member, alongside Austria and Spain, isn't keen on closing its ski slopes completely.

The French PM told the media, "I'm doing my utmost to appeal to each colleague. The Italian prime minister, the German chancellor, and France are working together. The Spaniards and Swiss aren't going alongside us, but diplomatic action is under way."

He said that his only intention is to guard French resorts and his citizens and that is the sole reason for border checks.

On Wednesday, the Austrian government announced that they might allow skiing from December 24, 2020, but the hotels in Australia will remain shut till January 7, 2021. On the opposite hand, Germany, Italy, and Spain have already agreed with France to place a stop to skiing this season.

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