Dehing Patkai Festival offers a chance to experience the best of Assamese culture

Posted by Team on: Dec 20, 2022

The annual Dehing Patkai Festival (January 16–19) is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the various Assamese cultures. This yearly cultural celebration is put on by the government of Assam and is held in the sleepy tea town of Lekhapani in the Assamese district of Tinsukia. The festival offers a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the state and its rich cultural legacy. This is how:

Tribal festivals

At this event, a number of native Assamese communities host fairs. These tribal festivals are tremendously entertaining, instructive, and distinctive. Let's face it: it's tough to experience a tribal group's lively culture and cuisine unless you visit to a specific tribal community. However, the festival makes it simple for the attendees to enjoy all of these.

Trips to wildlife

The wildlife trips come next. You can go on a number of nature hikes and elephant safaris. These wildlife encounters will give you a chance to see Assam's stunning scenery and discover what natural wonders are nearby.

History tours

Additionally, the historic Digboi Oil Field and Refinery are shown to visitors. Digboi Refinery, one of the oldest operational refineries in the world, was established on December 11, 1901, making it the oldest refinery still in operation in India. Additionally, guests are taken on cultural tours that include stops at Second World War graves and the historic Stilwell Road, which was built by allied troops during the conflict. Previously, Myanmar could be reached via the historic road.