COVID travel update: The government eases regulations and face masks are no longer required for air travel

Posted by Team on: Nov 18, 2022

The Civil Aviation Ministry of India has updated the COVID travel recommendations in light of recent developments. According to the regulations, wearing face masks when flying is no longer required, and violators won't face any consequences. Additionally, there will be no penalty for not donning a face mask when flying.

Up until recently, wearing a face mask while flying was required. According to sources, the most recent development follows a decrease in COVID cases.

The Ministry explained that the most recent decision was made in accordance with the government's policy of a tiered approach to COVID-19 management response in a statement to the scheduled airlines. The Ministry further stated that going forward, in-flight announcements may merely state that all passengers should preferable utilise masks or face covers because to the threat posed by COVID-19.

An airline industry official referred to the most recent development and said that the carriers will inform the crew of the Ministry's decision, which is effective immediately.

According to reports, any particular mention of a fine or other sanction does not have to be made during the in-flight announcements. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare was consulted during a review of the regulation requiring the use of masks or face covers during plane travel.