Biden lifts Muslim travel ban, and more

With Joe Biden as the new President of the united states, things are on the verge of change as far as travel is considered. There are a few reasons for this. As of today, the President has officially signed orders that revoke the previous President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims from entering the country. The new order will mean that the formerly deprived Muslim nationals of 13 countries can once more immigrate to us.

In 2017, when this executive order was first gone by the previous President, only five Muslim majority countries (Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yeman, and Syria), alongside North Korea, and Venezuela, were featured within the list. Later in 2020, Trump had included Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Eritrea, and Burma to the list.

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Joe Biden’s new order states that the ban was a “stain in our national conscience,” which it's not according to the country’s long history of welcoming people of all faiths, and even those with no faith in the least.

Not only this, but Joe Biden has also made certain changes within the COVID-19 travel scenario. consistent with a White House official, travel restrictions are going to be reinstated on non-US travelers who are coming from Ireland, the UK, Brazil, and 26 other European countries. South Africa also will be added to the present list due to the newfound virus strain that's posing a greater threat at current times.

Furthermore, President Biden has formed stricter mask-wearing rules and has said that travelers flying into us would require to travel under quarantine.

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