Arunachal Pradesh launches Women's Biking Expedition to promote regional tourism

Posted by Team on: Dec 26, 2022

Arunachal Pradesh, also known as the country of dawn-lit mountains, is the first Indian territory to welcome the morning light. The state is one of the least explored areas in India despite having a wealth of natural flora and fauna. The department of tourism has announced a digital campaign that follows the journey of four female bikers in an effort to draw in tourists from all around the world. The Honorable Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, flagged off the four-day women's biking excursion on December 14, 2022, in the Pasighat, East Siang district.

HMLAs Ninong Ering, Kaling Moyong, Abu Tayeng, Director of Tourism for Arunachal Pradesh, and Bipul Chandra, Managing Director of Ducati India were among the dignitaries present for the flag-off.

Four well-known women riders from India took part in a four-day biking excursion while cruising down nicely paved, wide roads and through calm, secure, and safe checkpoints in Ducati Multistradas.

The bikers on board included Kalyani Potekar, known as the fastest biker and who has already travelled to many places including parts of the Himalayas on her bike; Candida Louis, an Indian adventure traveller who recently completed an incredible solo journey on the bike from Bangalore to Sydney; Maral Yazarloo, an Iranian-Indian who holds the motorbiking world record; and Tenzin Metoh, a native of the state and adventure traveller.

Arunachal Pradesh's Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, was also reported as saying, "Promoting women's empowerment and the security of lone travellers within the state gives us cause for pride. With this campaign, we hope to increase awareness of our state, highlight how simple it is to travel, and encourage tourism, which will improve the state's economy and quality of life for residents. We hope to showcase to the nation and the globe the natural splendour and rich culture of our state through the biking trip."

The campaign aimed to present Arunachal Pradesh in its natural, authentic state. The four-day adventure allowed the riders to explore the state beyond its natural beauty; they also visited and interacted with the area's indigenous tribes, sampled native fare, and watched dance performances.

Following the flag-off at Pasighat, they travelled to Namsai to take in the splendour of the Golden Pagoda before staying in Jairampur, which is known as the location of a World War II cemetery with a large burial ground and about 1000 graves of allied soldiers, most of whom are thought to be Chinese, Kachin, Indian, British, and American soldiers who were martyred in the conflict.

The following day, the group set out to explore the wildlife of Arunachal Pradesh by travelling to Namdapha National Park & Tiger Reserve. Along the route, they stopped at a small village called Rima.

The magnificent Mayodia Pass, widely known as the secret Shangri-La of Arunachal Pradesh and a popular tourist destination, was open for the bikers to explore on day three. In addition to their tour, the riders stopped in Dambuk, Lower Dibang Valley, which is renowned for producing some of the best oranges in the nation.

In Dambuk, they also attended the first adventure and music event in India, the one-of-a-kind Orange Festival. Adventure sports like zip-lining, dirt biking, river rafting, and camping were available at the orange festival. The festival provided local food and wine manufactured by the people, as well as an impressive lineup of live musicians like Kayan, Big Mountain, and Swanky Tunes.

With the launch of this campaign, the tourist industry in Arunachal Pradesh is ready to welcome visitors from across the world to enjoy the region's towering hills, beautiful vistas, enchanting natural settings, waterfalls, and monasteries. Most importantly, the adventure will inspire visitors to go, experience the area, and venture beyond. NewsVoir is the source of this report.