All you need to know about Bodh Mahotsav 2023 in Bodh Gaya

Posted by Team on: Dec 22, 2022

The annual Bodh Mahotsav will be held at Bodh Gaya on January 27–29, 2023, at Kalchakra Ground. It's one of the major events of the year and promotes the Buddhist Circuit in Bihar's Gaya district. Since the inaugural iteration of the event in 1998, which attracted many tourists to Gaya,

After being absent for two years (2020 and 2021) because to the COVID-19 epidemic, Bodh Mahotsav is making a triumphant return.

The Buddhist Circuit is the main draw, but there are other attractions, such the fact that well-known actors have performed at the event in the past (Bollywood and Bhojpuri).

It has been revealed that well-known performers from the film and television industries would also appear at the upcoming Bodh Mahotsav 2023.

The top three sights in Bodh Gaya are:

Imposing Buddha statue

One of the highest Buddha statues in India is the Great Buddha Statue. The 14th Dalai Lama dedicated it on November 18, 1989.

Buddha Temple

UNESCO has designated the Mahabodhi Temple a World Heritage Site. The location of the temple is thought to be the place where the Buddha obtained enlightenment. In the third century BC, Emperor Asoka began construction on the temple. The renovated temple is the one that is open now.

Brahma Tree

The Mahabodhi temple complex contains the Bodhi tree. The location of Buddha's Enlightenment is symbolised by the Bodhi tree of the present. The original tree was destroyed by a storm after degenerating over time. Alexander Cunningham, a British archaeologist, planted the Bodhi tree that exists today in 1881. A branch of the original Bodhi tree is claimed to have been transported to Sri Lanka. The tree is still functioning.