After a two-year break, Jammu is hosting the Jhiri Mela through November 16

Posted by Team on: Nov 10, 2022

After a two-year break caused by the epidemic, Jammu will once again host the annual Jhiri Mela, which lasts for ten days. Numerous devotees from all across the nation are anticipated to attend the fair and pray at the Baba Jittoo temple.

According to sources, the exhibition would be jointly organised by the district government and the directorate of tourism for 10 days till November 16.

According to reports, this mela is organised annually during Karthik Purnima in order to pay respects at the Baba Jittoo shrine in the village of Jhiri and ask for blessings.

In reference to this, a knowledgeable official stated that all required preparations had been done to ensure the smooth operation of the Mela, which receives daily visits from about one lakh people from all regions of the nation.

According to reports, the government has made every effort to set up special awareness stalls to enlighten the farmers who attend this mela about the new programmes and technology launched for their benefit. The purpose of this mela is to promote the region's rich sporting and cultural heritage and to make it available to the people.

According to sources, the festival honouring the Baba's sacrifice will draw more than 10 lakh devotees from the Jammu region and neighbouring states including Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana.

The Baba-da-Talab, a natural pond about 4 kilometres from the temple that is thought to have healing properties, is another option for devotees to partake in the customary bathing ritual.