Advice for Indian travellers to Sri Lanka: Bring proof of vaccinations, according to PCR

Posted by Team on: Jan 17, 2023

A recent development mandates that all Indians visiting Sri Lanka now adhere to the nation's updated COVID-19 regulations. The Indian High Commission recently provided information to that effect.

All visitors to the island nation will now be obliged to carry their vaccination records, in accordance with Sri Lanka's new COVID-19 regulations, and unvaccinated visitors will also need to provide a negative PCR report that was obtained 72 hours before entering the nation.

As was previously reported, Sri Lanka ceased requiring international travellers to present a COVID-19 immunisation certificate as of December 7, 2022. It was also no longer necessary to present a COVID-19 test (PCR/Rapid Antigen Test) (RAT) that was negative before to boarding or upon arrival.

According to sources, the updated COVID-19 regulations went into effect on Friday. The Indian High Commission then released a statement urging Indian citizens visiting Sri Lanka to abide by the most recent COVID 19 regulations.

Sri Lankan authorities have revealed additional information on the updated recommendation and stated that they will closely monitor any new COVID-19-related developments in cooperation with the health authorities.

Due to unfavourable travel warnings issued by the majority of nations during the exceptional economic crisis and the street protests that resulted in a change of government in the island nation last year, the Sri Lankan tourist industry also took a significant hit.