A magnificent heritage museum costing INR 100 crore will soon open in Varanasi

Posted by Team on: Dec 20, 2022

If everything goes according to plan, Varanasi will soon have a lavish heritage museum for INR 100 crore. According to the officials, this will be in addition to the city's existing collection of museums.

Priti Srivastava, the deputy director of UP Tourism, adding that the historical museum will provide visitors an opportunity to learn more about Kashi's past as well as its vibrant culture and traditions.

If all goes according to plan, the INR 100 crore grand heritage museum should be completed by 2023, she added. Along with enlightening people about its history and illustrious past, it would emphasise the rich tradition and culture of Kashi.

According to rumours, Varanasi's tourism bureau is looking for a suitable old mansion to become the site of the heritage museum. The officials further stated that it would have architecture, artefacts, records, heritage, significant information about ancient civilisations, and the history of ancient temples, among other things. 

The museum would be unique in that it would be built to give visitors a virtual experience. It would also contain an audiovisual area to enhance the visitor's experience. In terms of museums, Varanasi is home to the Bharat Kala Bhawan at Ramnagar Fort Museum and the Hastkala Sankul, a must-visit that is housed inside Ramnagar Fort on the banks of the Ganges and displays items from the time of the Maharajas. 

Additionally, there is a crafts museum where visitors may learn about the history of Kashi's handicrafts as well as a virtual experiential museum that displays items using cutting-edge digital technology.