120 day tickets booked in 24 hours

The Godan Express between Gorakhpur and Lokmanya Tilak Terminal starts operating from 19 September. The railway took a sudden decision. Its booking also started from Wednesday. There was a lot of demand for tickets for Mumbai. The train became full for 120 days in 24 hours that day. The passengers reached the reservation center Booking but the tickets were booked. Passengers faced heavy disappointment.

Godan Express is an important train for the passengers of Purvanchal. If the train starts from Gorakhpur for three days, then this train runs from Jaunpur, Prayagraj via Janghai to Lokmanya Tilak. A large number of people of the district travel by this train. If the supervisor in charge of Bhadohi railway station, supervisor in-charge Sudama Yadav, was not even aware of the staff. After noon on Wednesday, some travelers came to know that the booking of Godan has started. All the seats for 120 days were booked while making reservation for eight to ten passengers. All tickets have been booked over the Internet.

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Kamayani Express is full till December

There is a lot of pressure on the trains going to Mumbai in order to return to the metropolis of migrants returning home during the lockdown. There is no ticket available in the train before two and a half to three months. All the seats are booked till December in the only special Kamayani Express running from Varanasi-Janghai via Bhadohi railway section.

Rail section did not get a single clone train

Not a single Varanasi-Janghai via Bhadohi railway line is scheduled to run in the 40 pairs of clone trains run by the railway from 21 September. Some trains going to Surat, Ahmedabad are to be operated from Manduadih-Prayagraj via Gyanpur road station but no train stop is assured.

For this, the passengers of the district will have to go to Prayagraj or Manduadih. On the other hand, the operation of a single clone train for the most demanding metropolis Mumbai was not announced, due to which people had to face great disappointment.

Preparations are being made to start the super fast train Ratnagiri Express running between Varanasi to Lokmanya Terminal and Gorakhpur Express running between Gorakhpur-Lokmanya. The announcement will be made soon through high officials. Commencement of these two trains will give relief to the passengers of Mumbai.

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