Trekking is an outdoor exertion of walking for further than a day. It's a form of walking, accepted with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the decor. Touring could be a motive. It could be a commitment, an end, an ideal, a charge, a party, a social gathering. It could be a place where you find musketeers, and it could be a trip. It could be a fewest chance to save our unborn generation from losing the nature suckers, mama earth holding within. It can be docked or extended as per the desire of pedestrians. 

Importance of Trekking

Trekking can be viewed from two different points as a deep exercise, or an amazing and unique learning experience. Personally, I would love to learn whatever I can during my trek. In trekking, we've to face different difficulties and uncertainties. By overcoming them we allow ourselves to enhance our knowledge, experience and the understanding of the world.

By participating in touring, you can realize how beautiful nature is and you'll be thankful to live in a place like earth. You can see effects elsewhere. Some of the major importance of trekking are as follows

Type of trekking

Everest base camp trekking Company principally provides two types of touring which are Teahouse Trekking, Camping Trekking, and Hiring guide and porters. Teahouse is the original lodge where you can eat and sleep during yourtrek.However, you'll have to stay in this type of lodgment, If you're going for a teahouse journey. Whereas, Camping trek is a completely Organised Supported Trek.

Camping trek includes a team of the guide, chef, Sherpa, & janitors to accompany you. Trekkers should carry only small bags or what they might need during the day. At night, they're handed dining tents, sleeping canopies, & toilet tents.

Guide and potter hire as per daily basis. In this type of touring there the client will be paid service charge and wages of guide and potter as per daily basis or full trip base and also handed the companion and potter, needed official documents for the trip by contract agency.