Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is one of the best styles to explore the unexplored places in India including National parks & wildlife sanctuaries, forests, narrow mountainous highways, deserts and lush green valleys. Whether there are rocky landscapes or in-accessible geo-morphological topography of India, jeep safari is the best option to travel around. Jeep safaris provide you with a unique and exciting experience. It takes you through the adventurous and uncommon routes where you can observe the rare species of foliage and fauna. Jeep safaris are also a boon for elderly people, so that they can travel anywhere they want.

A jungle safari is one of the most coveted experiences to sight wild animals, birds, and exotic flora in a natural habitat. But there are certain rules and tips for jungle safari that one needs to keep in mind before and during the safari stint to ensure it’s an enjoyable and safe experience. While traversing in a jungle is fun and adventurous, it can turn into a disaster if not planned and executed properly.

Whether you're going on your tenth safari or first, preparing for it beforehand can not be taken smoothly. Right from reserving well in time, packing the right safari luggage, wearing proper clothes, preparing for the unanticipated, to maintaining one’s safety and welfare inside the park, everything needs to be spick and span for a memorable time inside the jungle. Therefore, we've compiled for you some essential safari tips that will let you have the most fabulous time inside the world’s biodiversity hotspots teeming with fantastic flora, fauna, and avifauna.