Long energetic walk between nature for a spiritual purpose as a recreational activity is called Hiking. This activity developed in Europe in the 18th century. Hiking is a natural exercise which is good for physical health. Substantially this activity is done in groups. A short local hike is best for beginners. For Hiking you should walk for at least 4 to 5 hours. To get the best experience try this activity with your friend or partner.

Hiking is an activity of moderate difficulty, which involves walking across long distances generally on trails or paths. The duration of the activity varies between short half- day programs and longer plans of over 20 days. It's generally an activity that allows groups of different sizes.

Hiking and trekking are two terms sometimes used indistinctly. The difference between each of them is generally the duration of the specific activity. Hiking is associated with shorter programs, while trekking is used to describe longer programs of a week or further.

Hiking is also a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of a country or area. Longer programs will take you to experience local communities and taste unique local food. Hiking is where the trail meets the people, and mountain sports meet cultural adventure.

What's the best time for hiking?

Hiking is an activity available top of the time, depending on the area. Winter isn't a favored season for hiking programs, as it can be harsher and more dangerous. Most mountain areas where ski sports are practiced during the winter are suitable for hiking programs in the warmer months.

Some areas are suitable for hiking programs all year round. This is strictly specific to each location and its particular geographic and weather conditions.