Camel Safari

What better way to explore the desert than on the back of an animal that has for eons been associated with these immense tracts of sand? No one better way to explore the desert than camel safari. Camel safari is the best way to explore culture or destinations in the desert. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is the most popular place in India for Camel safari. 

There are many places in India from where you can get experience of camel safari. Camel safari is also one of the  thrilling and adventurous activities in India. Between October and March when the weather is cool is a better time for camel safari. A camel safari is the perfect way to discover desert regions – especially areas as historically and culturally rich as Rajasthan, or as vast and awe-inspiring as the Nubra Valley in Ladakh. 

Ensconce yourself contentedly on the back of an ungulate and admire the sand dunes around you extending for miles – as far as your eye can see. A camel can take you places where a jeep or ordinary motor vehicle will struggle to reach (and only the camel can successfully navigate the dunes). Not for nothing is the camel known as the ‘ship of the desert’; for centuries, it was the only means of transport available in these often inhospitable stretches of land. A camel safari, then, makes for a magical journey, one unlike any other you’ll ever experience.

When Do Camel Safari

The best time is during the cooler dry months, from September to March. After March, the desert becomes unbearably hot, and then the monsoon season starts. It doesn't rain much though, and temperatures remain high. Camel safaris usually depart early in the morning to allow some distance to be covered, and a suitable camping spot to be found and set up, before dusk.