Places to Visit in Kolkata in Valentine's Day

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Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat is a delightful spot that has been the shooting scene for some, TV shows and Bollywood motion pictures.

It is tough as a standout amongst the best romantic places in Kolkata, and as it should be. The waterway back is particularly enhanced by a staggering landmark flaunting Gothic-Greek engineering style.

The façade of the historic is entrancing amid evenings, and the fantastic perspective of the Hoogly Bridge has hypnotized numerous a sweetheart. It guaranteed that your adoration for one another would develop tenfolds in this unmatchable beauty of Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial – a definitive indication of affection is committed to Queen Victoria of England and has a striking similarity to Taj Mahal.The premises of the landmark are secure with rambling patio nurseries, high bushes, bright blooms, and beautiful water bodies.

The tall white marble structure appears to be progressively incredible at night with the supernatural lighting impact. The heavenliness of the landmark is completely hypnotizing and enchanting.The Memorial has earned its place among the most romantic places in Kolkata. The lovebirds are sure to be struck by the breathtaking engineering and intensity of this place.

Eco Park

Eco Park is a human-made park that highlights in our rundown of most romantic places in Kolkata attributable to its beautiful mood. The setting looks completely captivating with an alleviating breeze blowing in your face, blooming blossoms and precious trees giving your organization, and all-around characterized pathways making for a peaceful view.

It is a much-needed refresher, directly amidst an unbroken wilderness. The number of exercises you can share in are humongous, although a great piece of it is still under development.

Millennium Park

A standout amongst the best places for couples in Kolkata, Millennium Park is a place with unsurmountable magnificence.

Arranged by the Ganges, Millennium Park has everything a romantic place ought to have – excellence, harmony, security, and reachability.

The superbly manicured yards see numerous couples having some tender talks here. Beautiful dusk is the feature of the recreation center. Dabbed with striking figures, Millennium Park is a standout amongst the best dating spots in Kolkata.

Enabling couples to share comfortable minutes in the integrity of nature's abundance, Millenium Park is unquestionably a standout amongst the best stops in Kolkata for couples.


Next on our rundown of romantic places in Kolkata is Nalban. It is a lakeside hitting spot with lavish greenery and shocking perspectives at its beck. The quiet lake makes for a surprising background to kick back and delight in its wondrous magnificence with your adored one.

Besides, there are some fascinating exercises too that you can appreciate here with your accomplice like sailing, picnicking, playing badminton, and then some, making it a standout amongst the best places to visit in Kolkata during the evening.


Another of most romantic places close Kolkata, Raichak is a residential area that has been as of late created as the new lavish go-to goal for couples.The lavish 5-star property is the perfect sentimental escape close Kolkata if its all the same to you binge spending on your adoration.

In any case, it guarantees that each dime spent would be justified, despite all the trouble. Scarcely 2 hours from Kolkata, it is unquestionably a correct pick among sentimental spots for couples. It's the ideal escape for those searching for a unique romantic area near the city.

Botanical Garden

Locate along the western banks of the River Ganga; Botanical Garden is a 273-section of land park prestigious for its large flower decent variety. Home to more than 12,000 distinct types of plants, it is a standout amongst the most delightful stops in Kolkata for couples who wish to observe the hypnotizing excellence of nature.

It likewise offers couples security in the vibrant greens with the goal that they can appreciate some lovey-dovey minutes in the lap of nature.


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