Top 10 places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

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Often referred to as 'The land of Snow', Himachal Pradesh is breathtakingly photogenic. The mountainous landscape of this northern state is made up of series of valleys and snow-capped peaks. Some of the ace hill stations are situated here in Himachal. Undoubtedly, Himachal Pradesh rules the heart of every ardent traveler.

The Himachal based hill stations not only provide an eye-pleasing view but also an array of intriguing stuff like an adventure; beautiful sunset points and nearby cafes; street shopping and lastly, a comfortable stay. All these vivid features make Himachal the darling of every traveler.

Check out these top 10 Himachal Pradesh places to visit.


On hearing the name of Shimla, a fresh mountain breeze sends chills down the spine. Time is the witness, the charm of Shimla has never faded. Shimla is an evergreen beauty, and we are here suitors! Shimla is a mountain ridge, enveloped in oak, pine and rhododendron forests. A widely spread mountainous landscape with a touch of British sophistication. Also, Shimla enjoys all the perks of being a capital city.

Places to visit in Shimla:

1. Christ Church

2. Mall Road

3. Viceregal Lodge

4. Naldehra Golf Coast

5. Tara Devi Mandir

6. Annadale

7. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

Just Don't miss

1. The summer festival of Shimla which is held every year in June.

2. UNESCO recognized Kalka Shimla Railway.

3. Trekking and Camping in the verdant valleys of Shimla.


Manali- A cocktail of adventure and serenity! Surrounded by the pine forests and raging Beas River, Manali is the favourite of adventure junkies and also newlyweds. You will be thoroughly immersed in nature, once you walk through those dense pine forests.

Skiing in Manali is an important ritual that every traveler does here, you too should give a try. Then there is an old Manali town, a peaceful village full of guesthouses and cafes. Hadimba temple, dedicated to the wife of Bheem( one of the great characters of Mahabharata), to is very popular among visitors.

Places to visit:

1. Old Manali

2. Hidimba Temple

3. Manu Temple

4. Manali Nature Park

Just Don't miss

1. Skiing and Camping.

2. Strolling in Dhungri Forest

3. Dharamshala

Dharmshala- A unique blend of culturesDharamshala is the place where the Tibetan Guru Dalai Lama resides in. It is a perfect example of Indo Tibetan harmonious culture. There are plenty of monasteries in the region. There are also a number of museums that vividly explains the Tibetan culture. People flock to Dharamshala and MacLeod Ganj to undertake Buddhist meditation.

Places to visit

1. Dal Lake

2. Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

3. Masroor Temple

4. Gyuto Monastery

Just don't miss:

1. Tsuglagkhan complex, the residence of the Dalai Lama.

2. Delicious Tibetan food at roadside cafes.

4. Dalhousie

Dalhousie- The hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh. Experience Dalhousie and its spectacular views, experience a lesser-explored yet much to adore hill station of Himachal. The place, as the name suggests, was a British ruled town. Once you reach here, you will be completely relaxed in its ambiance of tranquillity.

Victorian and Scottish style majestic British architecture in Dalhousie will leave you in awe. You will discover fascinating people and their culture here. Shimla and Manali, at times, get packed with the crowd. At such times, Dalhousie is a good option.

Places to visit:

1. Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Mall Road

3. Rang Mahal

4. St Patrick's Church

Just don't miss:

1. Ganji Pahadi, the bald picnic spot.

2. Khajjar, also known as the mini Switzerland of India.

5. Khajjiar

Khajjar- Our very own Switzerland. 16 km away from Dalhousie is this quaint hill station called 'Khajjiar.' Also called the 'Mini Switzerland,' all the appreciating words from thesaurus are less to define its beauty. Khajjiar does not have many accommodation options. Which in a way is a blessing in disguise as more it remains untouched; more it is unspoiled. While you stay at Dalhousie, you can have a short visit to Khajjiar.

Places to visit:

1. Khajjiar Lake;

2. Golden Devi Temple

Just don't miss:

1. Paragliding

2. Trekking

3. Horse-riding

6. Kullu

Kullu- A pristine valley. It is the paradise of every nature lover. Kullu is one of the most popular tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh. The adventure and peace of traveling in this pristine valley are just incomparable.

Places to visit.

1. The Great Himalayan National Park

2. Friendship Peak

3. Hanogi Mata Temple

Just don't miss




7. Solan

Solan- The Mushroom city of India Known for its vast mushroom farming, Solan is yet another small town that is the epitome of the natural and cultural diversity of great Himachal Pradesh.

Places to visit:

1. Shoolini Temple

2. Solan Brewery

3. Menri Monastery

4. Majathal Sanctuary

Just Don't Miss

1. The 3 day fair held in June in Shoolini Devi temple, to witness the best of the Himachali culture.

8. Kufri

Kufri- The underated beauty of Himachal Kufri is a small hill yet really beautiful hill station in Himachal. Alike Dalhousie, it is also a good option to escape from the crowd.

Places to visit:

1.Chini Bungalow (Bungalow which is very famous for its statues and architecture)

2. Kufri Fun World.

Just Don't Miss

1. Hiking

2. Blending in with local people. Kufri shows the best of the Himachali culture.

9. Spiti

A cold desert warm enough to welcome you.. Bordered on sides by Ladakh and Tibet, Spiti is the least known paradise of Himachal. Spiti is a cold desert mountain valley. The scenery of Spiti will give you an unforgettable experience.

It is to be noted that due to Spiti's high altitude special care must be taken.

Places to visit

1. Rohtang Pass

2. Ki Monastery

3. Lahaul

Just Don't Miss

1. Exploring the monasteries and Tibetan culture of this land situated at the border.

10. Mandi

Mandi- A inexplicable beauty. The last hidden treasure of Himachal is Mandi. Mandi is the place that satiates the wanderlust. Also, Mandi serves as the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Starting from here, you can go on exploring other places too.

Places to visit:

1. Prashar Lake

2. Barot Valley

3. Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary

Just don't miss

1. Shop in the local markets

2. Try out momos and thukpa to excite the taste buds


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