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To everyone who lives in Mumbai, it is a powerful city with a vibe that can't be felt wherever else. In fact, inhabitants of various metropolitans may have positioned eyebrows after this declaration of mine anyway one needs to agree with me that Mumbai has something about it! Hotel India's most profitable film industry; a part of Asia's most prominent ghettos and also world's most exorbitant homes close by the greatest tropical woodlands in an urban zone, the city truly mirrors the tolerable assortment that India is known for.

Not simply this, the city can fill pages after pages concerning rich history and it can give wherever in the country a better than average continue running for money with respect to nightlife. The bottom line is Mumbai is really a place to discover in India, something that will attract your memories for an impressive period of time after the visit as well.

There is something for everyone and in enough add up to detonate one's mind! Immediately, let me share with you a summary of best 35 spots to visit in Mumbai, so if you are orchestrating an excursion to this action stuffed city, you don't leave behind a noteworthy open door even on one a player in it.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is a great landmark of Mumbai city. The gateway of India was built in the 20th Century to the visit of King George and Queen Mary to Mumbai. Situated at the tip of Apollo Bender, the Mumbai harbor that is bordered by Arabic sea in the Colaba district. The gateway of India is made of a large arch.

The hight of the gateway of India is 26 m and its done in Indo Saracenic style. Another attraction in Mumbai is elephant cave which is located close to the gateway of India. Many types of famous hotels is situated near the gateway of India for tourists.

Elephant caves

From the Gateway of India radius of 10 km, away one more and most attractive place is situated in Mumbai. The name of that place is Elephant Caves. This is one of the most tourists places. The caves are made by one of the oldest rock cut structure in the country.

It is one of the most examples of archaic Indian art associated with the culture of Lord Shiva. The caves are built on an island. The three-headed shive sculpture situated on this island which is called Maheshmurti and this is the main attraction of this island.

Juhu Beach

Perfectly one of the most visiting places in Mumbai is Juhu beach which is located in villa parle. Juhu beach is situated 18 km at north of the city center in Mumbai. The Juhu beach is a place where to go in the evening to life visit. When people come here to walk and enjoy sunset they want to enjoy his life in a beautiful way.

The peoples also play in the water in Juhu beach and treat their taste buds with the food of streets like bhel puri and pav bhaji. Juhu beach such a beautiful place for couples.

Victoria Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus(CST) is also a most visiting place in Mumbai. People also know this place as Victoria Terminus. This place is located in the heart of Mumbai city just like the gateway of India. CST is also an important landmark in Mumbai city. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was built in 1888 and till today stand as one of the great examples of Gothic style architecture in Mumbai.

This place is also a great and large railway station in Mumbai. There are 10 years took by builders to make this place. It was opened to the queen in her silver jubilee in 1887. The gate of CST has only two coloum.

Film City

Film city is another part of most visiting places in Mumbai. Film city is situated near Sanjay Gandhi National park in the vicinity of Aarey Colony in Goregaon. This place has one more which is very famous it is Dada Saahab Phalke Chitranagi. Film city is absolutely a dream world of all hero type peoples. Film city is so large there are almost 1000 sets can be put here.

The main attractive things of Film city is is fake lakes, mountains, fountains, fake garden house, picnic spot, cities, and villages. Everyone should have to take prior permission to visit Film City.

Essel world

Essel world is one of the first amusement parks in India. Essel world in Mumbai is a public place which is open for everyone. The Essel world is located in the Gorai island.this is one of the biggest amusement park with dry and wat rides. Many types of rides are available here.

The park opens all year. There are many types of activities in this park can be enjoyed by everyone. More things are available to hear like ice skating, bowling, and dancing etc. there are some shopping malls and some foods store is situated in the park for people.

Powai Lake

Powai lake is an artificial lake situated in the Powai valley in the north Mumbai. People also know this place as Framaji Powai Estate. Powai is such a beautiful lake in Mumbai city. This is one of the most visiting places in Mumbai. Powai Lake is situated on Salette Island next to the Powai village.

This is also a shooting spot where everyone can enjoy nature and its beauty. Indian Institute of technology Mumbai is located at the east of Powai Lake. There are many types of hotels and complexes are situated around the area of Lake

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