Top 10 Bicycles Brands in India

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It is a much lesser-known fact that India is the second-largest producer of bicycles in the world. Today, we are a part of a global village where the Japanese components of cycles are assembled with an Indian frame. Undoubtedly, the bicycle industry in India has commendably progressed.

Keeping in mind that bicycles are just not meant for kids, new era bicycles are introduced for all ages. Many of our cities have set this new trend of cycling clubs, where people are passionate to go cycling to new places and socialize at the same time.


We have witnessed how engines have successfully taken over the bicycles. In other words, our roads have been ruled by the 'engines.' The pollution generated from them is deteriorating our living standards at an alarming rate. Here in India, not everyone can afford cars and bikes. Bicycles, in this way, are good alternatives for them. Also, it is well known that there are several health benefits of cycling every day, this compels one to say yes to bicycles.


It is to be noted that India has 90 bicycles for every 1000 people, which is certainly not enough. As we are playing a significant role in the international market, majorly in terms of export, the industry needs a push to meet the demands. At present, the major players in the domestic bicycle industry are Hero Cycles, Avon and Atlas. Few foreign brands are trying their luck as well. Let us have a look at the top 10 bicycles brands in India:


1.Hero Cycles

Hero cycles, under the Hero Motors Company, is a very familiar brand in India. It is estimated to produce 19,000 cycles per day. Hence, the largest manufacturer of bicycles in India. What makes Hero top the list is its wide range catering to tastes of all age groups. For instance, Hero Octane 26T is light weighted and best suited for urban biking. The breaks are perfect for quick stops.


One of the most notable features of Hero cycles is that they are much safer while riding amidst the traffic and on the bumpy roads. With nearly all good things in one cycle, an affordable price is like a cherry on top! Whatever be your dream bicycle, Hero has their best-engineered one for you.



That's another famous brand that we're familiar with India. Hercules, as its name suggests, provides an unmatched riding experience for its customers. Once you invest in Hercules cycles, you will be forever thankful for its durability and robustness.



Avon has introduced post-independence in the Indian market, to provide common man an affordable cycle. With time, they have updated themselves with trendy designs. The brand comprises of more than 200 different models. Apart from AVON range of cycles, the company also manufactures CYCULX series, best suited for city rides.





Atlas is predominantly known for its kid's cycles. Nearly all its products are suitable for both boys and girls. For very young children, prefer Atlas as its trainer wheeled cycles are safe. This is one of the top 10 bicycles brands in India.

 If you are looking for a safe to cycle your young one, then definitely go with Atlas. Atlas Tribune, a fat tire model of Atlas, is noteworthy. 


5. BSA Ladygirl


One of the best-known brands for women's bicycles is BSA Ladybird. It has gained a lot of attention from young goddesses. Breeze facilitates its customers with a lightweight steel frame, caliper brakes, cushioned saddles. The brand focuses on adding appeal to its product by adding front bakes, vibrant colors, and a decorated rim. They, indeed, are every girl's favorite!


6.La Sovereign


 This brand has served the cycling fanatics for a whopping 40 years. While the cycles look beautiful, frame made up of high-quality steel makes it a little heavy to carry. The prices vary according to the customer's needs. La Sovereign bicycles are a bit on a costlier side; still, they remain in the wish-list of many.




Firefox was launched in India in 2004, much younger to previously mentioned brands of our list. It is one of the fastest-growing brands in India. Firefox features mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and also kids bikes. The company's target audiences are teens and kids.


8.Mach City cycles


The Match City Cycles are designed for the city. The brand is known for its hybrid bikes. Munich 21 Speed is one of their most sold bicycles. It is purposely crafted for short-distance cycling and workout.


If you are living in an urban jungle, want to ride around and be fit at the same time, Match City is the brand.


9.Montra Cycles


Montra is owned by Murrugappa group company. It brings a wide range of hybrid bicycles in India. The brand claims a comfortable frame in a budget-friendly deal. Though the company keeps on updating its models, with some slight changes in style and frame, nearly all models are on the same page. So, if you are getting an older version at a lower cost, seal the deal!

Those willing to upgrade your classic cycle with a newer one at a reasonable price should give a shot to Montra.



10.Kross Cycles


Kross Cycles are known for their eye-catching designs. Kross has bikes specially designed for girls. They are suitable for beginners. The cycle is ideal for covering short distances. However, they might not be the best choice for seasoned riders.

With this, we come to the end of our top 10 India based bicycles brands.




All the brand mentioned above's bicycles are well received in the market. If in a mood to buy a bicycle, all one needs to know is his needs. The market is already filled with a lot of brands, making one confuse easily. We hope that this has helped you in making your choice.


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