Top 10 Bicycle Brands in the World

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Switching to safe and secure alternatives is what the world needs desperately at the moment. In most low and middle-income cities, pollution has spread its venom in the air. To a great extent, pollution can be curtailed down with the help of bicycles, letting us breathe clean. Cycling resolves many issues at one go. It safeguards us from numerous health hazards.

Research suggests steady cycling burns 300 calories per hour. Therefore, the idea of riding to work is well perceived, as it is very time efficient (remember those tedious gym sessions).


Governments are also encouraging people to cycle through various cycling campaigns. This growing awareness regarding bicycles has certainly bolstered its market growth. In recent years, bike production had climbed to over 100 million per year. Be it the health consciousness or the adventurous aspect of riding a bicycle; people are intrigued in various kind of cycles.


The market is packed with numerous brands and their models. Picking the one meant for you might not be an easy task. Let us be your guide, explore the bicycles world through our narrative. Listed below are the top10 bicycle brands in the world :



Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer. Giant was started by King Liu in 1972. Giant justifies its name as it is the largest manufacturer in the world. Giant topping the list is supported by the fact that many professionals and world champions trust it.

Giant Contend SL1 is one such decent model. The bicycles have handlebar-mounted Ride. Its control units make it easy to switch between power modes and view critical ride data such as speed, battery, and GPS. For a high-class cycling experience, Giant is the go-to brand.



Merida is yet another Taiwan based bicycle company. Though Merida offers a wide range, their mountain bikes take the limelight. Merida outsmarts many brands in terms of style and solid built. As Merida is one of the leading brands, it is natural for it to be costly. With exemplary engineering, Merida has been building bicycles with the perfect balance between performance and refinement. If you believe in one-time investment, should consider Merida.




Cannondale, now located in the USA, is a famous bicycle brand. The name of the company was taken from the Cannondale Metro-North train station in Wilton, Connecticut. The cycles have aluminum and carbon fiber frames. This assures their durability.

Cannondale offers high quality built bikes that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. If durability is your priority, Cannondale is the brand.



It was founded in 1976 by John Burke. Trek is one of the leading bicycle manufacturer and distributor under brand names Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Diamant Bikes, Villiger Bikes and until 2008, LeMond Racing Cycles and Klein. 

Trek mountain and hybrid models give an unmatched experience of cycling. Trek is known for its strong built. Trek will not fail at impressing you while riding on mountain cliffs.


5.Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is specialized in high-class mountain bikes. It is based in Santa Cruz, California. They offer around 12 different bike models made of carbon fiber and aluminum. They make bikes with great precision, for the practice of radical sports, like a mountain bike and downhill biking. For offering such a high-quality professional product, their price is bound not to be cheap. If money is not the constraint and adventure is all on your mind, go for Santa Cruz.



Specialized Bicycle Component, Inc. is also one of the most famous bike companies in the world. Specialized Bicycle was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard and is based in California. The frames feature the brand's alloy known as FACT, which stands for Functional Advanced Composite Technology. Specialized is the fastest growing brand catering to the different needs of its customers. The race bikes of the brand are appreciable as they won't give pain to your body. Specialized Roubaix sport is one such race bike.


 7. Scott

The Swiss company SCOTT Sports SA is a producer of bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear, and sportswear. It was started by Ed Scott who was working in Sun Valley in 1958. This Swiss brand is famous for its very stylish sports bikes, made for adventure-seeking bikers. It is to be noted that they are not for the daily city bicycle rider.


8. GT

GT was founded in 1972, by Gary Turner and Richard Long in Santa Ana, California. They have promoted BMX bicycles. The most popular are their mountain, BMX and road bikes. For those who love riding, GT Mountain Hardtail Line is a great pick. A mountain bike that doesn't burn your pocket!


9. Fuji Bike

Fuji Bike is a Japanese bike brand, and it has been making bikes since 1899. Named after Mount Fuji, the famous mountain that watches Tokyo. Not everyone needs a fancy built bicycle, a high-end mountain cycle, or a sports cycle. Simple people have simple needs. Fuji is the go-to bicycle for them. Fuji bikes are specifically famous in Asia for its simple frame, ideal for everyday use.


10. Kona

Kona is an American brand of bicycles. Their models are ideal for city biking. Kona sells bicycles in almost all parts of the world, with newly added features that fit customer's desires.




We know that there are many brands out there, making it difficult to pick the top 10. For the best possible start, it is advisable to invest in a quality product. Do not get lured by the ultra-light weighted frame. Choose aluminum or steel based frame over carbon frame. Comfort and budget should not be compromised just for a few attractive features. Opt for something that adds fun to your journey.

Santa Cruz Bicycles is a manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes based in Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded.


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